Read all the race rules ahead of the event to enhance your experience and make sure you make it to the finish:

L’Étape Spain is a non-competitive cyclosportive event recognised by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.

The event will start and finish in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid) and take place on the roads of the Community of Madrid and Castile and León.

The event will start at 8:30 am on 21 November 2020. The documentation will be presented on 20 November 2020.

The course will be marked and supervised. Some sections may remain open to traffic. Traffic regulations and road safety rules will remain in full force and effect throughout the course.

There will be two courses:

  • L’Étape Spain by Tour de France: 161 km / elevation gain of 2,626 metres
  • L’Étape Spain by Tour de France Lite: 116 km / elevation gain of 1,150 metres

Each participant will have to choose a course when signing up.

The race is open to everyone who is 18 years or older in 2020.

All participants must hold a valid cycling licence issued by a UCI-affiliated national federation.

Participants who do not hold a Spanish licence will have to present certificates from their national federation stating that their insurance coverage extends to Spain, along with their annual licences.

Participants who do not hold a licence can apply for a one-day licence (valid for this event only) on the  time to platform.

Each participant must provide a medical certificate of fitness to practise competitive cycling.

Registration takes place on the  time to online platform.

Participants must enter all required data and pay the registration fee to validate their registration.

The registration fee includes:

  • The right to take part in the event
  • A timing chip
  • Medical service during the event
  • Food and drinks from feed zones
  • Technical support at the established points
  • Rider’s bag

Registration is personal and non-transferable.

Registration constitutes acceptance of the event rules as well as the special terms and conditions of the event.

M1/W1 18–34 years

M2/W2 35–39 years

M3/W3 40–44 years

M4/W4 45–49 years

M5/W5 50–54 years

M6/W6 55–59 years

M7/W7 60–64 years

M8/W8 65–69 years

M9/W9 70 years or older

Participants are required to bring the mandatory helmet as well as a repair kit with an inner tube, a CO2 pump or hand pump and a tyre lever set.

Bicycle plates must be kept visible throughout the duration of the event. Riders must wear their accreditation wristbands and pin their race numbers on their lower backs.

Riders may use any type of road bicycles except for time trial and triathlon bicycles. Aero bars are not allowed either.

Electric-assist bicycles and other bicycles that provide any form of assistance are banned.

Tandem bicycles are allowed. Both participants will wear the same race number. Both halves of the tandem team are required to stay together throughout the event.

Each participant will have to present his/her original licence and ID document.

Race numbers will be assigned at random. The organisers will reserve a series of race numbers for preferential start boxes.

Race numbers can be retrieved in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid) from 11 am to 9 pm on 20 November.

Participants who are unable to retrieve their race numbers personally may send someone else to pick them up on their behalf with a signed authorisation (including their names, race numbers and ID numbers) as well as a copy of their licences and ID documents.

The organisation will set two time limits:

One at the point where the courses of L’Étape Spain and L’Étape Spain Lite diverge and another at the finish of the event.

Any participants overtaken by the broom wagon will be disqualified and required to board the broom wagon.

The organisers of L’Étape Spain by Tour de France are aware of the concerns of participants. Riders can therefore purchase a money-back guarantee that will refund their registration fees if they are unable to start the race.


  • Cancellation before 21/10/2020 at 3 pm (CET) will give rise to a refund of 100% of the registration fee.
  • Cancellation between 21/10/2020 at 3:01 pm (CET) and 14/11/2020 at 3 pm (CET) will give rise to a refund of 50% of the registration fee.
  • No refunds will be given for other services offered by the organisation and procured by time to once they have been booked and paid for.
  • Registration is nominal, personal and non-transferable. No name changes will be accepted.

Cancellation after 14/11/2020 at 3:01 pm (CET) will not give rise to a refund.


NOTE: The Guarantee must be purchased at the same time as registration. Applications after registration will be rejected.

The €11 premium must be paid using the virtual POS accessible via the time to registration form.


The participant purchasing this guarantee in his/her own name acknowledges that:

One. ‐The guarantee can only be purchased at the same time as registration. Applications made after registration will be rejected. The fee must be paid using the virtual POS.

Two. ‐Refunds will begin to be processed on 23/11/2020 and take place until up to a month after the event.

Three. ‐The participant must notify the cancellation to the organisers by e-mail (

NOTE: refunds will be given via the same payment method, i.e. the amount will be paid into the account of the credit card used for the original payment.


Due to the postponement of the test because of the health crisis of the Covid-19 and exceptionally, all participants who have made their registration between 11/03/2020 and 17/05/2020 may request the cancellation and refund 100% of the amount paid for their registration and products purchased. 


In order to execute the cancellation, process the participant must send an e-mail to the organization ( communicating the cancellation before 30/09/2020. 

The refund will be made through the same payment system, that is, the amount will be credited to the account of the card with which the payment was made. 

The Organization will refund the amount from 30/09/2020 and up to 1 month after the celebration of the event. 

Any cancellation produced after 30/09/2020 will not be entitled to any kind of refund. 

L’Étape Spain is a non-competitive event.

A finishing order will be established based on the total time taken to complete the course.

There will also be:

2 King of the Mountains (KOM) sectors. The times in each of these segments will be added up to determine the winner of the mountain classification, who will be awarded a distinctive jersey.

The Lite version will feature a single KOM sector.

1 Sprint, marked on the course as a 1 km timed segment. The fastest rider in this segment will be awarded a distinctive jersey.

There will be five start boxes.

  1. Race numbers 1 to 100
  2. Race numbers 101 to 250
  3. Race numbers 251 to 500
  4. Race numbers 501 to 1000
  5. Race numbers 1001 and beyond

The boxes will start at five-minute intervals.

The event will feature four feed zones (two in the Lite version).

There will be two feed zones with drinks and two with food (one of each in the Lite version).

There will be special refreshments for all participants at the finish.

Tossing rubbish, packagings, leftovers from the feed zones, spare parts or any other type of waste will result in disqualification from the event.

All participants must be courteous towards other participants, members of the organisation, media and the public.

The organisation reserves the right to amend these rules and to change the course due to force majeure or any other circumstances at any time.


By registering for L’Étape by Tour de France (“EVENT”), the Participant grants Titan World Series S.L. (the company that organises the EVENT, “TWS”) the right to record and use his/her personal image, name and voice in any individual or group photographs and/or audiovisual recordings by TWS staff or third parties authorised by TWS staff during his/her participation in the Event, royalty-free, exclusively and with the right to transfer this right to third parties exclusively. This includes presentation and prize award ceremonies, participation in related features, and any other intellectual and/or industrial property rights arising from his/her participation in the Event, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, public communication (including publication) and transformation rights for all supports and all forms of use known on the date of the Authorisation. The Participant is hereby informed that the aforementioned images may be used for advertising purposes and/or to publicise the same Event or future editions of the Event and their sales. They may also be used for commercial purposes to promote sports events by any means of communication (including social networks and printed and/or audiovisual media) for informational, promotional or other purposes. This transfer takes place during the maximum term of validity of these rights established in law and for the entire world. The images will be stored unless the Participant revokes his/her consent.

The Participant gives his/her consent to the transfer of photographs and audiovisual recordings of the Event to its sponsors, to be used for the aforementioned commercial and promotional purposes.

Likewise, the Participant waives any right to compensation or financial remuneration for the recording and storage of photographs and audiovisual recordings as well as the transfer of the corresponding exploitation rights, in accordance with the provisions of this section.

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