L’Étape Series

The history of the Tour de France goes back over 100 years —over a century of epic racing, champions and passion for cycling that turned it into a legend and a world-renowned brand a long time ago.

The Tour has been broadcast on TV for many years, with millions of people around the world tuning into the airwaves to follow the French race every summer. In 1993, Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) decided to go one step further and give amateur cyclists the opportunity to experience and race in the atmosphere of the Tour de France. It came up with a cyclosportive to be held in July on the same roads as a stage of the Tour, giving participants the chance to test their legs on the same climbs and roads just a few days ahead of the pros. The race, known as  L’Étape du Tour,  has been attracting 15,000 people a year for the last 27 years.

In 2011, A.S.O. kicked it up a notch and launched the international expansion of the concept so that fans of the Tour from all over the world could join French and European cyclists in this amazing experience. L’Étape by Tour de France  was born in Argentina in 2011 and has since expanded to 14 countries (including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, China and Australia), with a total of 20 events in 2020.

L’Étape by Tour de France is the only cyclosportive in the world where you can plunge into the world and atmosphere of the Tour de France, with courses designed by Tour de France experts, the same safety standards as in the pro race, race signs like in the Tour, a Tour Museum, screens showing the Tour de France… and a public face of the calibre of Alberto Contador, who won the Tour and Giro twice and the Vuelta three times.

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